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We Are Krush Athletics

After 35 years of playing, coaching, and scouting, Billy Kehoe started looking at our national pastime from “how can we truly make it better” perspective.  His motivation to improve our game stemmed from a dissatisfaction concerning industry contradictions in the many different “cookie cutter” instructional approaches.  He had read, watched, and heard coach after coach communicate opposing philosophy, theory, and opinion.

He began to realize that coaching experts had never paused, studied, reflected, analyzed, and then stepped forward with a candid message explaining why we “say what we say” and “do what we do”. With this in mind, in 2003 Billy Kehoe wiped the slate clean of any preconceived notions and the rest is history...


Billy’s research is literally changing the way the game of baseball and softball are being taught.  Instead of revamping players by way of fixed viewpoint from the past, a set of common successful movements can be added to any style of play.  Krush Baseball & Softball has revolutionized training with a methodology that is based on solid scientific research, resulting in a teaching approach that is effective, straightforward, logical, and most importantly, based on fact, not philosophy.


In the winter of 2010, Billy received a routine call to inquire what it would take to bring our program to a small town south of Reno, Nevada. After many years of events at Line Drive U in Minden, Nevada, Billy has forged a business relationship from a Doctor and retired engineer. The results are the cutting edge, pro-active swing instructional aid line coming out in Late 2015.

With 13 years on the road and 40 years in the games, Billy was finally afforded the opportunity to explain the deficiencies across the board as far as the young hitters around the states. Billy painted a picture of how the company could help “fix” 95% of the hitters out there if we had another vehicle to teach the fact-based program to everyone who wants it… through media and swing aids.