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Krush Camps + Events

There are a lot of options out there as far as camps go. I worked for several institutions and companies that held all types of camps before starting the Krush Athletics. I created the Krush Hitting Development Program to simply get as much good, FACTUAL information and instruction to as many hitters. coaches and parents as possible. That is it. To teach what I have learned- the indisputable facts that literally make every player better, to the masses.

More good swings in more places… that is a win in my world!

What's Included:

The center of the whole program is a research based study to find out what the best hitters in the world all do the same. Whether that was physically, mentally, preparation, diet, etc. SIMPLE! So we went out and found out the answers to those questions. The program is based on not only my 40 years in the game but also from the view of objective science.
The old saying, “You can get away with saying just about anything as long as you have a smile on your face” is a great example of how critical , not only how good the information is, but how important the delivery of the information is to the end product; we want the kids to learn and have a good time doing it.

With over 1000 events to practice how the camps should be structured to create the most efficient delivery, we are proud of how we do it!
I have already touched on this but will say it again… we teach fact. So unless humans start growing a third arm, things won’t change much. The body moves how the body moves and the best way to move it to become a good hitter hasn’t changed since the days of Pie Traynor.(aka along time ago).
1. what the best players in the world all do the same from head to toe and from start to finish of the swing…our model.

2. what each individual player in the camp does from head to toe and from start to finish. So we can compare the campers swing to the pros swing.

3. Compare and find out the differences and where the camper doesn’t do the movements the same as the pros… create a plan to start fixing the swing! Through issue identification, drills, swing thoughts, etc., the development starts.
Each hitter leaves with the knowledge taught at the camp and an instructional package that includes photos, educational materials, etc.
It is a hitting development program disguised as a really fun camp